Built-in Site Map Editor in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM 8.2

Hello Folks,

Since long those who working in Dynamics CRM on-premise or online having facing an issue to update site map and remove and re-arrange sitemap.

Till date we have 2 options

  1. Edit SiteMap.xml
    1. Manual and lengthy and sometime problem creating
  2. XRMToolBox -> SiteMap editor plugin
    1. This is good option but still time taking and not user friendly

Finally Microsoft heard this issue and they are coming with latest designer for site map editor. In my CRM Trail version for 8.2 we got in-build sitemap editor.

Go to Settings -> Customization -> “Customize the System”

Select “Client Extension” -> Site Map and click on “Edit” button (Surprisingly we don’t have it yet). See belowsite-map-edit-button

Now look at below, really awesome feature for all new-bee and for all champs.


This new editor support, drag and drop for Area, Group and Sub group, you can change Properties of any control.

You can add new controls, make copy of controls and Now Multiple sitemap possible so we can save, save and clone (Save As) and Publish.



CRM 2016 set default “Look for” entity and “Look in” view when using “Look Up Record” dialog

Dynamics CRM 2013 to 2015 we are able to set the default “Look for” entity and “Look in” view of the “Look Up Record” dialog using the following:

document.getElementById(“customerid”).setAttribute(“defaulttype”, “2”);

This no longer works in CRM 2016 and I believe the source of the problem is explained here. Basically the new form rendering engine loads each script in separate iframes instead of the same frame as the form. This makes it so the document.getElementById() method can no longer find the element with the given name.

Finally I find out solution and it work for me.

I want to set “regarding” field in phone call to “contact” entity only.

var control = Xrm.Page.getControl(“regardingobjectid”);

It works perfectly for me. Please try and post your comments if you face any issue.

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