System.Diagnostics.Process.Start work in but not in IIS7

Hi friends,

recently i am working in project and find that when i try to execute any command using System.Diagnostics.Process.Start it will work in my development area but when i deploy in IIS it not work.

i really find many solutions like
1. in services under controlpanel tick checkbox “Allow services to use desktop” for IIS Service admin but not work.
2. change apppool to local system but again not work.

and many more solution..

finally i knew that to execute some commands need to start cmd as administrator
so i change my code like this

process.startinfo.IsExecuteShell = true;
process.startinfo.Domain = ""; // Domain of IIS Computer
process.startinfo.UserName = ""; //Administrator for that computer
process.startinfo.Passwork = ""; //Password

Hope this will help…………


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One Response to System.Diagnostics.Process.Start work in but not in IIS7

  1. mohamadz14 says:

    hi Asif and tanks for your usefull post ..

    im executing the below code in the iis7 server:

    the problem : the notepad program starts (you can see it in the task manager)
    but it doesnt start in the desktop (it has no user interface)

    can you help me with this isue
    any help will be appreciated

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